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Sara Solovitch

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I got into journalism by accident in 1979 when I was visiting my then-boyfriend at his first newspaper job in the Berkshires. A few days after I returned to New York, his editor approached him in the newsroom and said there was an opening for a reporter: Sara seems pretty smart. Do you think she’d want it?

Journalism was like that back then. In the years that followed, I worked for the Buffalo Courier-Express and the Philadelphia Inquirer. I freelanced for dozens of newspapers and magazines, from Esquire, Wired and Politico to the Los Angeles Times and Washington Post. I was a health columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, a medical writer at Stanford University’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and an editor at Bay Area Parent. I’ve taught writing and journalism at every level – from elementary school through university. I especially love teaching adult education; grown-ups are the most motivated of students.

My three sons are grown and all living in different states – not surprising since each one of them was also born in a different state. I live in Santa Cruz, California, with my husband –the old boyfriend who helped get me my first job. When I’m not on deadline, I play the piano. I have come to love the discipline of practicing. Performing? Not so much, but I can get through it now. That may be the biggest surprise of my life.

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