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Sara Solovitch photo by Christine Z. Mason

Photo by Christine Z. Mason


Sara Solovitch is an author and journalist whose articles have appeared in Esquire, Wired, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Politico Magazine and many other publications.

A former reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, she has been a health columnist for the San Jose Mercury News and worked as a medical writer at Stanford University. She also was on the faculty at the University of California–Santa Cruz Science Communication Program, where she taught classes on the art of profile writing. Solovitch has played classical piano since she was seven and attended Eastman School of Music’s preparatory department during her last two years of high school.

A graduate of Barnard College, where she majored in English literature, she is the mother of three sons, two of whom are professional musicians. She lives in Santa Cruz, California.


Sara Solovitch playing piano in public

Photo by Shmuel Thaler

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